The primary purpose of our Lifeguards is to keep your swimming pool and people safe through monitoring, supervision and first response.


Our Lifeguards are trained to recognise behavioural markers which indicate a person is in need of assistance and to take the necessary action using rescue aids and first response treatment as required. Our employees are regularly tested for fitness levels to ensure our service is there when it is needed most.


Our Lifeguards have passed examinations to demonstrate their capability in the role of first response and rescuer. All staff have been certified by Premier Line Security (PLS) and Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS) in accordance with Dubai Law.


Correct water chemistry is important for Health & Safety and the longevity of your swimming pool. In order to create an optimum swimming environment, chemicals are added on a controlled basis to ensure the water is clean and safe for human use.


Our Lifeguards are trained to take water samples from your swimming pool and compare the results against the pre-ordained safe range. If anything unusual is recorded, our Lifeguards flag the issue to our Technical Support Team for remedial action.