The new line of disinfection services fully complies with OSHA regulations and is certified by Dubai Municipality

ServeU, a subsidiary of Union Properties and a facilities management service provider in the UAE, has launched a new line of specialised disinfection services.

In response to the current Covid-19 outbreak, the company is now offering a full set of cleaning and disinfection services for their customers across businesses, offices and residential properties, including sanitization and disinfectant treatments of their own accommodations and offices.

As part of the disinfection service, ServeU only use products which meet the highest international standards for healthcare disinfection and comply with all of OSHA regulations as well as being certified by Dubai Municipality.
Working closely with their customers and government departments, SurveU have been establishing specialised disinfection services which are most suitable to their needs, such as the recent cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation activity of the Motor City community.

Gary Reader, general manager of ServeU, said: “The new services include the disinfection and sanitisation of all surfaces including hard to reach areas. Our cleaners comply with Covid-19 measures and are daily disinfecting and sanitizing workplaces, buildings and homes to prevent the further spread of the virus.”

ServeU Cleaning department will be responsible for providing disinfection services to the corporate sector whereas the recently re-branded ServeU Essentials will cover the residential communities, homes, small businesses and retails in the UAE.

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